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Art of Debate

Do you like winning arguments at the dinner table? Do you have strong opinions about who the greatest superhero is, what toppings to order on a pizza, or whether cats are better pets than dogs? If so, this class is for you!


No skill in the world is more valuable (and fun) than the art of persuasion. Through creative, fast-paced games, students will master the art of constructing winning arguments on the fly and develop critical reasoning skills necessary to succeed in every academic subject. 

Your teacher: 

As a high-school student, Nathan Mostow was ranked 144th-best debater in the country in the one-on-one Lincoln-Douglas format. Since then, he has taught debate clinics for all age and ability levels. He coached the Lincoln-Douglas format for the Oakwood high school debate team, where his students earned top-100 national rankings and won multiple national-circuit tournaments, including the Harvard Invitational, Bronx Science, and the Battle for Los Angeles. 


Nathan's teaching philosophy is that debate should always be fun -- instead of lectures, he plays exciting games that encourage students to think outside the box. "I fell in love with debate when I took a summer debate class in middle school," Nathan says. "I had so much fun that I didn't even realize I had learned anything until school started and I was suddenly a much better writer. I consider it my mission to pass on that enthusiasm to each of my students."

There are three classes offered:

1. Grades 9-12

2. Grades 6-8

3. Grades 3-5

These 6 week summer classes meet twice a week for an hour each time. 

The times and days will be determined according as desire accumulates. 





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