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Newton's Pendulum
Practicing Math through learning Physics

Class for incoming 5th, 6th and 7th Graders

Fun with Physics, heavy with Math and Geometry concepts taught during the year. 

How fun will it be to master Math and Geometric concepts while learning real life Physics problems? This class will focus on Newtonian Physics taught from the ground up. The students will learn key Physics concepts through experiments, examples, and book problems. The class work will include review of many Math topics including:

  • Order of Operations

  • Proportions and Percents

  • Manipulating Integers, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals

  • Evaluating Variables and Expressions

  • Absolute Values and Inequalities

  • Patterns

  • Place Value System

  • Measurement and Data

  • Geometry

    • Areas and Volumes​

    • Graphing

  • and more.



             - Twice a week

             - 1 hour a class

             - 6 weeks

Image by SpaceX
Math Mastery through Fun Physics Lessons

Class for incoming 3th and 4th Graders

A fun Physics class infused with Math and Geometry concepts. Students master Math fundamentals through real life Newtonian Physics taught from the ground up. Key Physics concepts are taught through examples, practice and experiments. Class work will review many Math topics including:

  • Four Operations with Whole Numbers, Mixed Numbers, and Decimals

  • Solving Multi Step Word Problems

  • Proportions 

  • Factors, GCF, LCM

  • Generate and Analyze Patterns

  • Measurement and Data

  • Geometry

    • ​Angles

    • 2D and 3D Shapes

    • Areas, Perimeters and Volumes​​

  • and more.

Tuesday / Thursday

6 Week Class

June 23 - July 30

3 - 4 PM



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